As a long-term resident of Tibet & Nepal, several countries in Southeast Asia where “digital nomads” are popular, these products are really useful and I have shared them with friends. The key is that there are always some friends who come to me. feedback. . . Eyes are the windows to the soul. Women who love beauty do not want to I have long and dense eyelashes. Careprost eyelash growth serum is very active. Countless users have reported that the effect is very obvious. Most people start to see results in about a week. The growth is obvious in the first month and becomes thicker in the second month. The third month was dense and long, just like the ads. It is human nature to love beauty, and products that can enhance your beauty are highly recommended. I also often communicate with friends about using Indian products and some special medicines~Boom! Today I will give you some popular science about Indian Careprost eyelash serum ~ The English name is Careprost, and the ingredient name is: Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution (translated into Chinese is: Bimatoprost eye drops, Bima is sometimes translated into Chinese as Beimei&Bei Horse, all have the same meaning), the production company is: Sun Pharma Company of India. Knock on the blackboard! ! ! The principle of eyelash growth lies in the source of the ingredients of Bima. Let’s take a look, what is Bimatoprost? Bimatoprost efficacy: It can promote the outflow of fluid in the eyeball and reduce intraocular pressure. It is used to reduce intraocular pressure in patients with open-angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension. It was originally developed by the American company Allergan as an analog of prostaglandin fatty acid amide. It was first marketed in the United States in March 2001 under the name Lumigan eye drops, which have a good effect on reducing intraocular pressure. At the same time, it has been found from research and clinical studies that it also has the effect of growing eyelashes and treating male baldness. In summary: The ingredients of Indian Caps Eye Drops are derived from the invention of the American Allergan Company. The price of Capsules in India is even cheaper, only about 10% of the price of Latis Eyelash Growth Serum in the United States. In terms of cost-effectiveness, Indian products really can't be said~~~Now, it's just word of mouth that speaks for itself. Most users share their experiences regarding sparse eyelashes It starts to improve from the root, and it has immediate effect after use, making eyelashes grow by 30%, plump and curled. Moreover, the elasticity and flexibility of the eyelashes are significantly improved, and the eyelashes are thick, black, shiny, and naturally upturned. It has passed the US FDA certification; it can make eyelashes grow significantly after 14 days of use. After 8-16 weeks of use, it can stabilize the eyelashes effect, make eyelashes grow longer, and solve the impact of periodic loss of eyelash growth. Use it for 2-3 months and you will have long and thick eyelashes~~~Suitable for people: 1. People with sparse eyelashes due to hypotrichosis (also known as eyelash sparse disease); 2. Adolescents and patients with eyelash loss due to chemotherapy; 3. People who desire longer eyelashes. Beauty lovers who want to become denser and darker. Efficacy and effectiveness: 1. It can increase the number and color of eyelashes in the initial growth stage, and promote the growth of eyelashes by promoting the development and regeneration of eyelashes. 2. It usually takes effect within 8-16 weeks of use. In fact, some customers have seen their eyelashes grow longer after only half a month of use. PS: The speed of effect depends on the user's personal physique, absorption capacity, and the amount of use. * Apply evenly to the root of the eyelashes and apply it outwards along the eyelashes. Use after cleansing every night before going to bed. Wait for the eyelash growth serum to dry before using other makeup products. Make eyelashes longer, denser and stronger. Use for 28 consecutive days. *Used as a mascara base before applying mascara, it nourishes each eyelash and makes subsequent mascara easier to apply and color. ——Adds points to long, curly and thick eyelashes. *Transparent mascara creates clear, natural and transparent eyelashes, giving the entire eye makeup a natural and beautiful effect, with a sense of transparency and brightness! Shiny lashes for added texture! *Can be used as an eyebrow styling cream to fix the eyebrow shape, gather and tighten the scattered eyebrows, so that the eyebrows naturally fit the skin, while also growing and nourishing the eyebrows, and promoting the thickening of sparse eyebrows! * Used as an eyelash care solution, it can gently protect each fragile eyelash, so that the eyelashes that have been damaged by the external environment during the day can be deeply nourished and repaired at night, helping the eyelashes to regain their strength and health. Instructions for use: 00:05 See detailed text here: Step 1: Remove contact lenses and cleanse your face every night before going to bed to ensure clean eyes; Step 2: Apply an appropriate amount of eyelash growth serum (drops) on the matching eyelash brush A little, apply the mascara brush along the upper eyelid to the root of the eyelashes, so that it feels moist but the liquid does not overflow); Step 3: Use the same method to apply to the root of the eyelashes of the upper eyelid of the other eye; Step 4: Rinse the mascara brush with clean water and place it in a hygienic and ventilated place to dry. PS: 1 bottle/3ml can be used for about 40-50 days (although the bottle states that it must be used up within 1 month after opening, in fact, it can be used for about 2 months and 50 days by repeatedly applying it with a very fine brush 3 times a day) The impact is not big, and no one can tell for a long time). Notes: 1. Eyelash growth serum should be applied to the skin of the "upper" eyelids where the eyelash roots are located. Please do not use it on the "lower" eyelashes. 2. If you are using other similar products to reduce intraocular pressure or have a history of abnormal intraocular pressure, please use this product under the guidance of a doctor. 3. Tighten the bottle cap after use, and follow the instructions to apply the eyelash growth liquid on the eyelash brush. The mouth of the bottle must not come into contact with foreign objects to avoid contamination with bacteria. 4. If other parts of the skin are often exposed to eyelash growth serum, it may also cause hair growth in these parts. Therefore, when applying eyelash growth liquid and there is overflow, it is necessary to Wipe dry as quickly as possible with a tissue or other absorbent item to prevent more skin from coming into contact with the eyelash growth serum. 5. The brand recommends using it once a day before going to bed. The amount of use should depend on your own acceptance and progress. 6. In clinical trials, common adverse reactions were redness and itching of the eyes (3.8%); deepening of iris (3.6%); and pigmentation of eyelids (2.9%). Collection of frequently asked questions (welcome to email us~): 1. What should I do if I wear contact lenses? When using this product, you must first take off your contact lenses and put them back on after 15 minutes of use. 2. What should I do if I overdose or accidentally let the eyelash growth serum flow into my eyes? Excessive use of drugs can have adverse consequences; if fluid flows into the eyes accidentally, flush the eyes with warm water immediately, and seek medical advice as soon as possible if necessary. 3. Why is it specifically stated that the growth serum is only suitable for use on the “upper” eyelashes? Since it was only used on the "upper" eyelashes in clinical trials, it should not be used on or in the "lower" eyelashes during use. If there is continuous contact with the skin of other parts of the body, it may promote the growth of hair and hair there. It is important to follow the product instructions. 4. Is Careprost a substitute for mascara? No, Careprost is not a substitute for mascara, therefore, there is no conflict when used simultaneously. 5. What should I do if I forget to use it? It doesn't matter if you forget to use it occasionally, and there is no need to increase the frequency or amount every day. Just use it in the normal way in the following days until you achieve the desired effect.

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